Requirements for Admission

Each applicant must be a born-again Christian who is seeking to live a Christlike life, separate from sin and worldliness. He or she must maintain an approved Christian character, plus a willingness to do all work required, and a willingness to submit cheerfully to the discipline and regulations of the university.
A high school diploma is recommended, but not mandatory, as long as a student can do university-level work. Master’s and Doctoral programs have additional criteria for admission. See those sections of this catalog for specifics.

How to Apply

To apply, simply fill out an application form and submit it to the university office. If you have attended any other colleges or universities, request that each one send a copy of your transcript to the Registrar here at Harvest. Go to Application for Admission


Once your complete application is received in the university office, you will be notified within one week whether you have been accepted into the university program.


To register for the courses of your choice, ask for a course enrollment sheet from the university office. They will assist you in choosing classes and listing them on the form. Turn your completed registration form to the Office, along with payment, to secure your classes.

Start Application… Go to Application Form.