The Lord has blessed Harvest Bible University with an exceptional group of teachers, so that every class is alive and vibrant. As you look through the course descriptions, you will catch just a glimpse of what you’ll learn in each class; every one is a rich experience in the Living Word.


Most classes are held during the evening on weekdays, although some seminars may be held on a Saturday. Each class meets once a week. The actual schedule of classes is printed every quarter and may be obtained from your local university office.

The Quarter System

Traditionally, a school year consisted of two semesters. Today, however, many universities have three “quarters” instead of two semesters. Harvest operates on the quarter system, which gives three opportunities for students to start classes each year. There are eleven school weeks in a quarter, for a total of 33 weeks in a typical school year. Each class earns two units of credit per quarter. A full-time load is 12-16 units per quarter. Units of credit are converted between the semester and the quarter systems as follows: One semester unit = 1-1/2 quarter units. One quarter unit = 2/3 semester unit.

Units per Course

Each course offered earns two units of credit per quarter. There is a number in parentheses after each course description which tells the total number of units offered in that course in a school year. In other words, (2 units) is for a one-quarter class; (4 units) is for a two-quarter class; and (6 units) is for a three-quarter class.


The total curriculum at Harvest is divided into groups of 48 units each, which may be completed in one year or longer, depending upon how many units a student takes each quarter. As each group is completed, the student earns a certificate, degree, or diploma to signify completion of that part of the curriculum. Students entering the graduate program will choose whether to major under the School of Theology or the School of Intercultural Studies.

Course Descriptions

• Department of Bible

• Department of Theology

• Department of Language

• Department of Character

• Department of Ministry

• Department of Evangelism

• Additional Courses