Fall Quarter Courses (Sept. 21 – Dec. 4, 2020)

(To be announced) (2 units)

1, 2, and 3 John along with 2 Peter and Jude give us powerful truths pertaining to contending for and defending our faith …


Character Development – How to Fulfill Your Destiny (2 units)

God has created you a unique person who can accomplish things no one else on earth can. When you discover and fulfill your destiny, you will become a world-changer—and a happier and more fulfilled person. Come and be changed and empowered for life!

     Character Development is a series of topics on the most important quality of a Christian – character. It’s the very opposite of the hypocrisy Jesus condemned in the religious leaders of His day. God wants us to walk in victory and become like His Son, Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:28-29). Learning all about the Lord and the Bible is great. Learning to minister in power is wonderful. But if we do not develop His character we will eventually get shot down by the world, the flesh, or the devil. God has definite steps to achieve victory in each area of our lives and the twelve Character Development courses are where you’ll learn them.


The Book of Acts (2 units)

The Book of Acts is Luke’s way of continuing the story begun by his earlier gospel.  He wants to answer several questions for us.  Did the Church listen to Jesus when He commanded it to preach repentance and remission of sins in His name to all nations beginning at Jerusalem?  Did the “Promise of the Father” come upon the Church?  What did it look like?  After Jesus ascended into heaven, what did He continue to do on earth?

     Together we will examine The Book of Acts and see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread from Jerusalem to the capitol of the Roman Empire.  Along the way we will catch telling glimpses into the life of the early Church as well as introductions to the lives of two of the western Church’s greatest Apostles: Peter and Paul.

     We will come away from this study with new appreciation of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Church for which He gave His own life-blood.


The Book of Revelation (2 units)

How is the book of Revelation to be interpreted? How is it to be applied to us? Many try to understand its meaning without first understanding its purpose. It is “the revelation (unveiling, disclosing) of Jesus Christ” (Rev. 1:1). Its aim is to make Him more fully known, and especially as the Lamb of God. This title is used 28 times in the book, and each reference to the Lamb is a key to unlocking the secrets of each scene in the book. In this course we’ll be exploring these references including the wrath of the Lamb, the wedding of the Lamb, the war of the Lamb, the throne of the Lamb, and so forth. As the end of this age draws near, mankind will be faced with increasing tensions, paradoxes, and mysteries, and this study will help provide the clarity we need to navigate these stormy waters.


(To be announced) (2 units)

In this course, ….


The Way of Wisdom (2 units)




Evangelism (2 units)

The word “evangelism” means taking the good news about salvation through Jesus Christ to other people. Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor, and He is still doing that today through us, because we are His body (1 Corinthians 12:27). How do we learn to evangelize? Mainly by doing it. This is a “field experience” course, which involves witnessing for at least one and a half hours a week, turning in weekly lists of the people witnessed to, reading a missionary book (supplied) and writing five pages of notes on it.


Seminar–To Be Announced – One Saturday, 2020 – 9AM-3PM –  (2 units)

          One Saturday this quarter, 9 AM–3 PM. It will include lunch, and also snacks all day long. You may earn two units of credit by doing a report, or you can just take it for audit.


Harvest Prayer Meetings –  (2 units)

          We gather once per quarter in the library upstairs (the ‘Upper Room”) to pray for Harvest, revival and God’s will for our nation, the church, and any special needs and requests. There have been several prophecies on how God has called us here at Harvest to be a catalyst in prayer to see revival and renewal right here in Los Angeles and the nation. We have seen some amazing answers to prayer, and the Lord said that this is just the beginning. Come and be part of what God is doing and experience His supernatural power. You can receive 2 units of credit per school year for attending all 3 meetings for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters and completing the reading and writing assignment. “Without God we cannot, without us God will not” – St. Augustine. Date to be announced.